" Remove distance between you & your patient with VCDoctor "

Our Telemedicine solution makes it easy for you to manage the most important aspects of your practice in your smart phone or tabs remotely. Conduct virtual visits with patients from outside your local area, and create digital records with just a few clicks.

Essential Features, at your Fingertips

HD 2-way Video

HD Video Call, Track Wait time, Call Time, Reminder for Video Call, Live Chat, Document

Online Book Appointment

Easy booking system, Status Tracking, Appointment Compliance, Link with Invoice

Online Payment Collection

Easy pay via payment Link & App, Payment Confirm Notification, Track of Fail Payment

Electronic Charting

Manage Vital, Notes, ePrescription, Document, Lab Order, Diagnosis, Health Assessment form


Get the Patient Consent, Highly Secure 2 Way Communication sick person & doctor details

Doctor App

Today, Upcoming & Past schedule, App notification, sick person data management

Patient App

Online Appointment & Payment Request, Vital & Document Upload, Feedback, Health-tips

Patient e-visit Management

Appointment, Remote Connect, Visit Summary post consultation, Feedback after consultation

Automated Follow up Call

Follow up Appt. Mgmt. Reduce No Shows, Automated call to sick person for follow up


Manage ePrescription, Refills & Automated notification


VCDoctor can integrate with any EMR, EHR, HIS, PHR system.

Telemedicine Reports

Reports ready for measure your quality of services

Benefits for consultants

    Branded for Your Practice Complete with Name and Logo

    VCDoctor app can be branded for your practice, complete with your name and logo. With no setup on your part, getting the iOS and Android app up and running, customized to you, is a simple and quick process.

Grow Your Practice’s Revenue

Increasing revenue and reducing practice costs are among the biggest priorities for private practice physicians. With telemedicine services, you’ll be able to extend office hours without increasing overhead

  • Benefits for consultants Reduce the number of no-shows.
  • Benefits for consultants Maintain a competitive advantage over other
  • Benefits for consultants Expand your patient base
  • Benefits for consultants Turn on-call hours into billable time
Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Provide Better Access to Care

With VC Doctor, you can reduce the need for in-clinic visits by giving patients the ability to ask questions and receive treatment options remotely without having to come into the office.

  • Benefits for consultants On-demand care at all hours of the day
  • Benefits for consultants Improved continuity of care

Increase Patient Engagement and Achieve Better Outcomes

When a patient is actively engaged in their treatment plan it leads to higher levels of compliance and, in turn, better outcomes.

  • Benefits for consultants Easier to keep appointments track.
  • Benefits for consultants Patients don’t need to travel.
  • Benefits for consultants Check in on your patients more frequently.
Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Browser or App-Based Visit

We know flexibility is the key for patients and providers. With browser or app-based telemedicine appointments, patients have the choice of completing their appointment on your practice’s branded telemedicine app or via a web portal.

Forms and File Sharing

Securely send unlimited number of forms, files, and photos to patients with ease. Our HIPAA-compliant software ensures all forms and files shared will be sent securely

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Two-Way Messaging

Whether using the browser or app, patients and your team can use our built-in two-way messaging feature to communicate via text in a secure, HIPAA-compliant way.

  • Benefits for consultants Unlimited Messaging
  • Benefits for consultants Easy track of communication

    Practice Management

  • Benefits for consultants Multi location management
  • Benefits for consultants Individual location Admin
Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Remote Monitoring

Your Virtual Practice Remote Monitoring plans for chronic care or healthcare management will be visible to patients on your website. They will have the option to subscribe to one of your plans, allowing you to grow the number of patients associated with your practice.


We do not just provide a product, but serve you as a technology partner and help your business grow.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants


We offer custom integrations with external systems and devices, tailoring our approach to your organization’s needs.

Compliance & Security

Hosted in HIPAA, PCI compliance infrastructure with enterprise grade security and highly scalable. SSL encryption, data retention, disaster recovery with 24×7 infrastructure monitoring.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Dedicated Landing Page

We make it easy and comfortable for your patients. With a dedicated landing page and custom branding, patients will feel like they’re using your very own telemedicine solution.