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To guarantee Ultimate Success of every one of Our Partners, we made a startup/business visionary program devoted to all new companies around to help them develop."


VC Doctor Program custom fitted for your startup methodology needs and intended to develop as you do. Discover how we can help you dispatch your Startup to develop without breaking your bank.


A white-label, Patient-Engagement, Telemedicine platform that helps grow your startup.

  • Benefits for consultants Benefit from our proven 17+ years of healthcare expertise
  • Benefits for consultants Get game-changing guidance from our experts
  • Benefits for consultants Grab strategic mentoring by our energetic team

Models for Engagement:

Licensed Partner

As per this model VC Doctor can be white labeled & customized as per Partner’s preference and we can host it on Partner’s Cloud. Partner Company can market them and introduce them in the respective location as SaaS based or annual licensed based for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Joint Venture

As per this model VC Doctor can be white labeled & customized as per Partner’s preference without investing tons of money. Startup would be working as front end partner and we will be supporting on the technical side to keep the ball rolling.

Benefits of VC Doctor for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Benefits for consultants

Highly Customizable

Basic functionalities already covered, if needed also customize as per your need.

True White-label

Your branding, logo and domain will be on the platform, indicating that it is completely affiliated with your organization

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Build your Server

The app we build for you can be deployed on your own server, or we can deploy it on our server as well.

Support after Launch

Technical guidance will be provided after the launch of the app. Users and doctors can lean towards this app to resolve all their health-related queries.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Scalable Solution

The VC Doctor Platform can be enhanced in accordance with the varying business needs.

Robust App

Advanced technologies and tools are used in designing and developing the app. We built – we test & handover error free apps which will be scalable, robust & efficient for longer use.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Easy Operation

The app is highly user-friendly and easy to navigate through. The options can be found effortlessly, and various search filters are available to find the right doctor.

Latest Development Tools

We use agile programming, service-oriented architecture which helps in increasing performance of the development.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Budgeted Pricing

With us, you can be assured of best prices in the market without compromising for quality in any way.

Benefits for consultants

Dedicated Landing Page

We make it easy and comfortable for your patients. With a dedicated landing page and custom branding, patients will feel like they’re using your very own telemedicine solution.

Benefits for consultants

Data Ownership

Host at your secured hosting servers.


We offer custom integrations with external systems and devices, tailoring our approach to your organization’s needs.

Benefits for consultants
Benefits for consultants

Compliance & Security

Hosted in HIPAA, PCI compliance infrastructure with enterprise grade security and highly scalable. SSL encryption, data retention, disaster recovery with 24×7 infrastructure monitoring.

End to End Support

We do not just provide a product, but serve you as a technology partner and help your business grow.

Benefits for consultants